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We are an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau of WA.  This is your guarantee of ethical business practices.  We have an "A+" Rating.

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of success

NLP is the study of successful thinking.  It's a conversational hypnosis--been called "hypnosis on steroids."  It works faster than traditional hypnotherapy.
  • Connie before hypnosis for weight loss.
    Before Hypnosis

  • Connie lost weight with hypnotherapy.  It works!
    Connie now.

    You want a therapist who walks the talk.  Connie is expert in the realm of weight management.

The Medical Profession recognizes hypnosis as a powerful and effective healing tool  It is not a replacement for medical care, it is an adjunct.  Pain management, accelerated healing, re-wiring the brain for stroke survivors, we offer these services as well.

We often work in tandem with Medical Professionals, Doctors refer their clients with health issues to us frequently.  Ask your Doctor:  "Is Mindworks Hypnosis right for me?"

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

For all your positive changes.  Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Release Stress, and more!  Call Connie or Michael @ (425) 564-8608.  Seattle area Clinical Hypnotherapists and Licensed Trainers of NLP®

Clinical Hypnotherapists Connie & Michael Brannan, CHts & Licensed Trainers of NLPConnie and Michael Brannan and Mindworks Hypnosis have recently been voted "Best of Bellevue 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014" by the US Commerce Association.  You can find out why that is, first-hand!  Experience the difference.

Professional Clinical Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapists and Licensed Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming ®, Persuasion Engineers ™, Design Human Engineers ™, Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists, with specialized trainings to serve your needs.

We have a lovely office in the Bellefield Office Park in Bellevue, Washington, right off of I-405, Exit 12.  Convenient to Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Redmond, Sammamish, and indeed all the of the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area.  Find us and find out why we're the best.

The proof is in the pudding.  That's you and your success.

We've just celebrated 8 successful years doing this work.  And we're looking forward to many, many more.

Success is just a trance away!  Call us for a free in-person consultation!

  (425) 564-8608. 

If emailing, please use the words "Hypnosis Inquiry" as your subject line, to assure delivery.

National Guild of HypnotistsWe take our hypnosis seriously.

Michael is past President of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter.  Connie was on the Board of Directors as well.  In the NGH, we have a code of ethics, a commitment to continuing education, and a passion to share the good word on clinical hypnotherapy with the world.

BEST OF BELLEVUE 2011, 2013, 2013 & 2014.

Best of Bellevue 2011 for Weight Loss and Control Programs.We are thrilled with this honor, bestowed on us by the US Commerce Association.  They recognize outstanding small business who make a dramatic successful impact on their communities.






We customize one-on-one Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy sessions based on the individual client and his/her desires and mode of thinking.  We use our expertise at eliciting unconscious strategies/ways of processing information in the mind.  We create positive changes in those strategies in a variety of ways.  The end result:  new thinking, new feelings, new behaviors.

Everyone is different, and the number of sessions required varies.  Here is a general guideline as to number of sessions for your success.  A private session is generally 1.5 to 2 hours.  Every session is different, and builds on and supports the previous work.

Sometimes successful change is BOOM!  Like flipping a light switch.  Problem is gone.  One session.  Sometimes successful change is gradual and develops over time, like a light on a dimmer switch.  Two, three, four sessions.  You should notice positive changes immediately after even a single session.  General guidelines, based on our skill set, including Neuro Linguistic Programming:
  • Stop Fear and Phobias, all varieties:  1 or 2 sessions.

  • Weight Management, on the path to success:  2 to 6 sessions.

  • Quit Smoking:  1 to 3 sessions, in many cases just 1 session.

  • Stress and Anxiety Release:  1 to 3 sessions.

  • Fingernail Biting, Facial Tics and other Behavioral Changes:  1 or 2 sessions.

  • Self Hypnosis Training:  1 session.

  • Memory and Concentration Improvement:  1 or 2 sessions.

  • Pain Management and Accelerated Healing:  1 to 3 sessions.

  • Improve Your Sports Game:  1 or 2 sessions.

These are some of the most common change work items requested.  We help with more than just the above.  Again, these are merely guidelines, and we base the professional services we provide on our client to maximize success.  None of that unskilled script-toting hypnosis as you may find elsewhere in the Seattle area. 

Hypnosis is not mind control.  Ultimately it is the client who makes the changes--and that process is as individual as you are.

Connie talks hypnosis here on our Youtube channel: mindworkshypnosissea

We have a blog where we share insights, videos, success stories, upcoming events and more:  BLOG!.



"Good morning Connie,
I thought I would give you a quick update. I feel great, refreshed, and full of life. I really want to thank you for the sessions, it was truly mind changing. You moved me back into my life's direction. I really don't get frustrated or angry at myself anymore mainly due to a positive direction in my own self talk.

You are an artist of a person's mind and soul. I am sure that I will utilize you in the future and won't hesitate to call when the need arises.
Thank you!!!" -- Brian Dawson, Woodinville, WA

"It's amazing! I've lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks. I'm happy! I'm sleeping like a baby. My stress level has decreased. I'm making very healthy choices. (Before my last session) I was dancing in the shower, couldn't wait, eager to come see Connie. She's guided me to opening my gate to freedom." -- Julie, Mercer Island, WA.

"I had a manicure last night...I haven't had a strong urge to bite my nails and I can't exactly find the words but it is an amazing feeling. Thanks so much, Connie!"  --Heather R. (Former Nail-Biter), Seattle

Hey there, wanted to let you know that I did qualify to run the Boston Marathon... Hypnosis does work!! Thanks again for all your help in accomplishing my goal." -- J. J., Issaquah, WA.

"I haven't had a donut since I last saw you (3 weeks), which is a MIRACLE!!" -- Nichole L., Bellevue, WA

I'm 28 days without a cigarette. I feel great! Everything worked! I'm very surprised at these results. Exceeded my expectations." -- Dave Manion, Bellevue, WA.

"My life has done a complete turnaround since my time with you. ...I have not had a single (panic) attack since then. Driving is fun for me now and very relaxing. Thanks Connie, you changed my life completely for the better." --James, Seattle WA

"Hi Connie, Happy New Year to you!!! I feel really great, empowered, optimistic, and full of life. You were able to unlock the patterns that I created for myself in holding me back. Thank you. I will most definitely keep you in mind for myself and anyone I know that may need some help. May this be your best year yet. It’s going to be mine :)" B. D., Seattle, WA.

Well over 160 more happy client reports are here: